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ethics and sustainability

Many companies have seen sustainability and ethics as an after-thought, or simply not willing to invest in the process of ensuring that they are leaving the least harm. For us, sustainability and ethics are at the forefront our mind and our mission is to provide beautiful swimwear while doing the least harm to the planet. 

our fabric

Our fabric is called Econyl, which is entirely from ocean and landfill waste, such as industrial plastic, fabric scraps from clothing manufacturing companies, old carpets and lost or abandoned fishing nets. As well as being a solution on waste, ECONYL® regenerated nylon is also better when it comes to climate change; it reduces the global warming impact of nylon by up to 90% compared with the material from oil.

We also currently only maintain a low stock of inventory to further reduce any waste to ensure that every swimsuit that is made will find a home. 


Our packaging is completely compostable. If you compost it, it will break down within a couple months, however if you just throw it away it will still decompose within 12-14 months in a landfill! 

Our inventory is also shipped in completely compostable packaging to minimize plastic waste. We also use Eco hygiene liners and recycled or reusable  materials for any other packaging needs.  


We're proud that our swimsuits are not only made in the beautiful Bali, but also in a facility that is extremely eco-conscious, ethically made with fair wages and healthcare for staff, and shipped in all biodegradable packaging. plus, every swimsuit made donates back to keeping their oceans clean and empowering local women through education! 

We are also committing to donating 5% of profits to an organization that needs it most at the time, most likely surrounding environmental justice.